Cheap price 2-beds apartment for rent in Ha Do Green View

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      Cũ 99%
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      , Tp Hồ Chí Minh
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      16/1/23, 142 Đọc

  1. Located close to Tan Son Nhat market and Tan Son Nhat airport on Nguyen Van Cong - Nguyen Kiem - Tan Son Nhat road axis in Ward 3, Go Vap District, just next to Gia Dinh Park, Ha Do Nguyen Van Cong Apartment Building poccesses advantages of convenient traffic, only a fifteen-minute drive to reach the heart of Sai Gon, and just 3-5 minutes to travel to Tan Son Nhat airport to catch flights to any places, whether inland or abroad. Nevertheless, the residential area is not adversely affected by noise as it is located far away from runways.


    Ha Do Green View apartment at the intersection of Pham Van Dong for rent has full facilities around: Gym, market, mini supermarket, near Gia Dinh park, near the airport, ... Convenient to move in and out of the city center. .

    Contact to 5apartment to rent apartment in Go Vap district. Or visit apartments for rent in Sunny Plaza with many other choices available.

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